Sophia Pompéry: The Silent Shape of Things
Sophia Pompéry
The Silent Shape of Things

Curator: Ece Pazarbaşı

21 June-26 August 2012
"Kawala Play" (2008)
Video projection, colour, sound, loop
Video stills
"Still Water" (2010)
Video installation for flatscreen
Colour, mute
Arter hosted Sophia Pompéry's first solo exhibition in Istanbul. Curated by Ece Pazarbaşı, the exhibition was held Arter's third floor between 21 June and 26 August, simultaneously with Berlinde De Bruyckere's "The Wound".

Sophia Pompéry produces video works and objects that derive from her interest in everyday objects and physical phenomena. They are motivated by a desire to slow down the sense of time and characterised by a picturesque quality and a subtly arranged visual element.

The viewer would be transported to another realm of experience when s/he first encounters Pompéry's works. The process that occurs between the initial viewing and the time when the viewer departs for another encounter is nothing but a chain reaction between the visitor's emotions and perceptions, and a vague provocation created by the artist. With each of her works, be it "Plume", "Plopp Plopp" or "Quader Luft", we are caught up in Pompéry's highly elegant and poetic trap. Instead of denying the realities we are already experiencing, the artist builds another reality on top of what we currently observe in our lives. Doing this, she also plays with our perception of perspective very poetically, as in "Kawala Play" or "Still Water".

Born in Berlin in 1984, Pompéry studied fine arts and sculpture at Weissensee School of Arts and Institute for Spacial Experiment, University of Arts, Berlin. Since 2004, she has had more than 10 solo shows and participated in several group exhibitions at institutions such as the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art and the Reykjavik Art Museum. Her video installation "Lighting Up, Burning Down" was previously shown at Arter as part of the institution's inaugural exhibition "Starter".