Ali Kazma: timemaker
Ali Kazma

Curator: Emre Baykal

30 January-5 April 2015
Ali Kazma, on "timemaker"
"Clock Master" (2006)
From the series “Obstructions”
Single-channel video, 15’
Production still
Courtesy of the artist
"Play" (2013)
From the series "Resistance"
Single-channel video, 9'
Video still
Courtesy of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts
"Crystal" (2015)
From the series "Obstructions"
Single-channel video, 11'
Video still
Courtesy of the Vehbi Koç Foundation
"Absence" (2011)
Two-channel video, endless loop
Video still
Courtesy of SKOR, Amsterdam & CBKU, Utrecht
Arter hosted Ali Kazma's solo exhibition "timemaker" between 30 January and 5 April. The exhibition featured 22 videos selected from the works Ali Kazma has been producing since 2005. "timemaker" brought together selected works from two ongoing series, "Obstructions" and "Resistance" with several other works, making it the artist's most extensive solo exhibition to date. The majority of the works in the exhibition were shown in Turkey for the first time.

"timemaker" was curated by Arter's Exhibitions Director Emre Baykal, who has previously collaborated with Ali Kazma for the series "Resistance" that the artist created for the Pavilion of Turkey at the 55th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale.

"Clock Master" (2006), the opening piece of "timemaker", is one of the earlier videos of the "Obstructions" series which Ali Kazma began producing in 2005. In this series, which as of now comprises 18 pieces, the artist carries out research into the tense equilibrium between order and chaos, life and death. The title of the series refers to the fundamental scientific truth that everything must eventually disintegrate and perish, pointing to the sum of production and repair activities as the individual's endless effort to fight this inevitable process of annihilation—and ultimately death—in order to at least slow down and delay this process.

"timemaker" also featured a wide selection from the series "Resistance". In this series, Ali Kazma explores the interventions and strategies that both release the body from its own restrictions and restrict it in order to control it. Works from the "Resistance" series were shown at Arter in a similar fashion to their installation at the Arsenale building in Venice—with a spatial organization that allows a dialogue between them.

Alongside the videos from the "Obstructions" and "Resistance" series, the exhibition featured other works including "Today", "Absence", "Past", "Written", "Clerk", and the limited edition book "Recto Verso".

The exhibition traced the notion of time in the works installed, and in the dialogue between them in relation to Kazma's own production process. It thus called for further reflection upon the human struggle to exist within and against time, the time of the body, the working body, the spatialization of time, the temporality of space and production.