Šejla Kamerić: When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom
Šejla Kamerić
When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom

Curator: Başak Doğa Temür

11 December 2015–28 February 2016
Šejla Kamerić on "When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom"
Šejla Kamerić, “When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom”, Arter, 2015
Street view
Photo: Murat Germen
Šejla Kamerić, “When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom”, Arter, 2015
Exhibition view (second floor)
Photo: Murat Germen
Šejla Kamerić, "June Is June Everywhere", 2013
Hand printed black and white photographs
Dimensions variable
Installation view: “When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom”, Arter, 2015
Photo: Murat Germen
Entitled "When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom", Šejla Kamerić's first solo exhibition in Turkey presents a wide selection of the Bosnian artist's production.

Kamerić's body of work insists that the delicate and the sublime are not pushed aside during catastrophe or hardship but that they exist simultaneously, revealing a complex, psycho-geographic landscape, and the tenacity of the human spirit. The title of the exhibition is taken from the lyrics of a punk-rock song and evokes one of the basic dilemmas of love and life: the co-existence of exhilaration and a constant sense of insecurity.

Curated by Başak Doğa Temür, the exhibition brings together works produced through various media, including video, photography, installation, and sculpture; and features three new works, thus offering an overview of Kamerić's practice.

Kamerić's works often involve her personal experiences and memories of the Bosnian War (1992–1995). Her iconic 2003 work "Bosnian Girl" shows a black and white photo of herself, superimposed with a graffiti that reads "NO TEETH . . .? A MUSTACHE . . .? SMEL LİKE SHİT . . .? BOSNİAN GİRL!" (sic). The original graffiti was written by a Dutch soldier from the Royal Netherlands Army troops who were a part of the UN Protection Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war. Kamerić made "Bosnian Girl" as a public project in the form of posters and billboards scattered throughout the city. The exhibition at Arter features an edition of this work from the Vehbi Koç Foundation Contemporary Art Collection.

Involving her own image is a recurrent strategy that the artist employs in many of her works. The exhibition presents several works that fall under this category such as "Basics" (2001), "Sorrow" (2005), "30 Years After" (2006); along with her new production entitled "Embarazada" (2015), where she poses as Pierrot the clown with her 9-month pregnant belly. "When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom" also includes a significant number of Kamerić's film and video works where she creates narratives in which boundaries between the past, present and future tend to dissolve.