Mount Qaf Talks
Mount Qaf Talks
October-December 2017
Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts, "Loca" hall
CANAN, Purgatory, 2017
Tulle curtain, sequins, rope, cloth, bell, light, motor
Photo: Murat Germen
CANAN, The Wonders of Creation, 2017
Cloth, luminescent paint
Photo: Murat Germen
Arter presents a series of talks accompanying CANAN's current solo exhibition "Behind Mount Qaf". The talk series entitled "Mount Qaf Talks" encompasses themes ranging from Jungian archetypes to mythological tales, from queer explorations of the body to intersections of feminism and art.

The series set off on 10 October with a talk by academic Yeliz Özay Diniz who focused on CANAN's practice as a storyteller while exploring the narrative tradition around "strange creatures" from Evliya Çelebi to date. Following Diniz's exploration, editor Aylime Aslı Demir will discuss queer bodies in CANAN's works on 25 October. On November 22, Prof. Fatmagül Berktay will present an extensive overview on the cult of the mother goddess and its metaphorical meanings explored within the exhibition. Author Aksu Bora will discuss the idea of collectivity in light of theories by Carl Jung and Donna Haraway on 5 December, through the duality of consciousness and subconsciousness. The talk series will end on 22 December with Prof. M. Bilgin Saydam's exploration on the duality between the ideas of hell and heaven in terms of human psychology.

All talks will be held in Turkish.