Ali Mahmut Demirel: Isle
Curator: Başak Doğa Temür
16 March–15 July 2018

Arter will host Ali Mahmut Demirel's first solo exhibition in Istanbul from 16 March to 15 July 2018. Since 2015, the Berlin-based artist has been working on a series of videos in which he observes abandoned architectural structures in different locations around the world to fantasise about a post-apocalyptic future with no human survivor. The three works comprising the series will be presented in the exhibition at Arter: "The Pier" (2015), "The Pit" (2017) and "The Plant" (2018). In each take on architectural structures constructed for differing functions at different centuries, Demirel tackles the question of "How do structures live without humans they're designed for?" on his mind.
Ali Mahmut Demirel was born in Turkey in 1972 and studied nuclear engineering and architecture. Demirel's practice encompasses music videos, stage design, live visual performances and experimental videos. He employs minimal imagery in his experimental video practice, which he started in 1993, to create compositions that deal with concepts mostly driven from science and architecture.
Can Aytekin: Empty House
Curator: Eda Berkmen
16 March–15 July 2018

Can Aytekin's solo exhibition "Empty House" will be on view at Arter between March 16 – July 15, 2018. The exhibition, which takes its name from Aytekin's new series "Empty House", will also include a selection of the artist's preceeding series, "Temple Paintings", "Rock Paintings", "Garden Paintings", "Everything is in its Proper Place" and "Inverse".  The artist, who currently teaches at the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts Painting Department Printmaking Studio, frequently references the transformation of forms and symbols in the history of art, as well as the crossovers between writing, architecture and painting. Aytekin's compositions fuse the shapes of real life objects and architectural structures with imprints from the artist's memory. They carry Aytekin's research on line, color, surface, geometry and the faculty of sight. In addition to works on canvas and paper, prints and three-dimensional structures will also be featured in the exhibition.